How Trump’s gifts for his family could be costing taxpayers billions of dollars

Donald Trump’s annual Christmas gift to his family has gone viral, with a New York Times report detailing how the president has used his wealth to buy gifts for himself, his daughter, and his staff.

The New York Post reported Thursday that Trump, who was recently named one of the World’s Most Powerful People, has received $1.5 million worth of gift cards for his three eldest children.

Trump has been a prolific buyer of luxury goods since becoming president in January 2017.

The Post’s report said that the gifts, which have been widely advertised on the president’s Instagram account, include an array of items including jewelry, handbags, and a $1,600 watch.

Trump’s youngest daughter, Ivanka Trump, has reportedly bought a $100,000 gold-framed watch and a necklace from the president.

The report also revealed that the president purchased a $500,000 Rolex watch for himself.

The White House has since denied that the gift purchases were linked to the president, saying they were not.

The president has also purchased $1 million in luxury goods from his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Trump bought an 8-foot-tall statue of himself, according to The Washington Post, and has also used his brand to promote a number of other products.