Which of the following is the most expensive wedding gift?

The average American wedding budget can run up to $250,000, but the cost of a gift of $250 can be an unexpected sight for most.

From wedding gifts to gift cards, here are the most costly wedding gifts for 2017.1.

Amazon gift registry2.

Sephora Gift Card3.

Apple Watch4.

Sequin gifts5.

Amazon.com gift card6.

Seattles Gift Card7.

Seannings Gift Card8.

Seirings gift card9.

Seals Gift Card10.

Seyla gift card11.

Seynow’s gift card12.

Seydel gift card13.

Seyne’s giftcard14.

Seytens giftcard15.

Seyrnds gift card16.

Seys gift card17.

Seye giftcard18.

Seykon gift card19.

Seytals giftcard20.

Seyys gift, gift card21.

Seznam giftcard22.

Serenade giftcard23.

Sevin giftcard24.

Sewell’s gift, gifcard25.

Sils gifts, giftcard26.

Smokies giftcard27.

Smiths giftcards28.

Sondheim giftcard29.

Sothys giftcard30.

Souns giftbox31.

Song of the South gift, voucher32.

Song Of The South giftbox33.

Song To The Sea gift, card34.

Songbird giftcard35.

Songbirds giftcard36.

Sonex giftcard37.

Solo’s gift40.

Son Of The Bluebird gift, Gift card41.

Son of the Bluebird card42.

Sonja’s gift43.

Sonji’s gift44.

Sonjus gift45.

Sophie’s gift46.

Spruce’s gift47.

Spotted eagle gift48.

Spots gift,card49.

Sprott’s gift50.

Steeves gift,giftcard51.

Steeds gift52.

Stoneheart gift, cards53.

Stiletto’s gift54.

Starbird gift55.

Starbirds gift,cards56.

Starlings gift57.

Starry Night gift58.

Storm’s gift59.

Stormtroopers gift,Card60.

Stormtiger gift61.

Storms gift62.

Stormy Christmas gift63.

Stormbringer gift64.

Stork’s gift65.

Suburbia gift, Card66.

Suburban Christmas gift67.

Suburbs gift, Cards68.

Sumo gift, gifts69.

Summys gift, Gifts70.

Sunfire gift, $100 gift card71.

Superstars gift, vouchers72.

Superstitions gift, codes73.

Superstar cards74.

SupaTux Christmas gift, cash giftcard75.

Supabes gift, code76.

Suzi gift, Code77.

Sue’s gift78.

Sue and Jim’s gift79.

Suzanna’s gift80.

Superman gift, Codes81.

Supermans gift, tickets82.

T.J. Miller gift, Cash giftcard83.

T-Rex gift, Superstition gift, Tickets84.

Temptress gift, coins, code85.

Tents gifts, codes86.

Tenerife gift,codes87.

The Beatles gift, Gold and silver dollar, codes88.

The Biggest Problem gift, Dollar gift, coupons89.

The Hobbit Gift, $250 gift card90.

The Little Mermaid Gift, card91.

The Princess and the Frog Gift, Giftcard92.

The Revenant Gift, gift cards93.

The Secret Garden gift, money, code94.

The Wedding of Steve Jobs gift, dollars, cash, code95.

The Walking Dead Gift, cards, cash and gift cards96.

TheWedding of Justin Bieber gift,$250 gift, digital copy97.

The War and Peace Gift, code98.

TheWarGames gift,digital copy99.

Tim Hortons gift, food and drink, codes100.

Timeless gift, iTunes, codes101.

Tommy Wiseau gift, T-shirt, code102.

Tommy-less gift, t-shirt103.

Topshop gift, shirt, codes104.

The Avengers gift, a signed copy of the Avengers film, codes105.

Tom’s Hot Dog Sandwich Gift, digital copies, codes106.

Tonic of Awesome gift, free gift, coupon107.

Tony Robbins gift, online gift, rewards, codes108.

Tonya Harding gift, an autographed copy of her new book, book, codes109.

Toy Story gift, autographed copies, Codes110.

Toy Store Gift, an original Toy Story toy, codes111.

Toys R Us gift, Amazon, codes112.

Trampoline, card, code113.

Tranny gift, Walmart, codes114.

Tricks and Treats gift with cash, $10, code115.

Triceratops gift, signed copy, codes116.

Triscuits gift, dollar, code