‘Frozen’ Christmas Gifts Are the Best, but They Might Be a Little Too Much for Some People

Disney will be celebrating its 10th year of the “Frozen” holiday classic with some big changes for the 2017-2018 season. 

In the spirit of the holidays, the company will launch two new packages in the coming weeks: The Frozen Family Package and the Frozen Holiday Package.

The new package, which is priced at $119.99 and $99.99, will include two Disney Frozen themed gift packages that are “designed to inspire the entire family to take time to create the perfect Christmas gift.”

The new packages are designed to inspire everyone to take their time and create the best Christmas gift for everyone.

The packages are the result of an extensive research and testing process, and will be available in select Disney Stores, select Disney Theme Parks, and select Disney+ locations.

“Our family members have become so used to the wonderful and magical world of Disney and want to be able to share it with as many as possible,” said Anna Wintour, vice president of Disney Consumer Partnerships.

“These two new holiday packages, the Frozen Family and the Holiday Package, bring a new level of excitement and happiness to families with children and their families.”

The “Frosted Miniature” Frozen Holiday Gift Package will include a mini Elsa Frozen Christmas tree with a heart and “The Gift of Christmas” by the late Carrie Fisher.

The Frozen Miniature gift is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 11. 

The “Mini Frozen Christmas Tree” is priced from $39.99 to $69.99. 

“The Holiday Package” is $59.99 with three gifts, each designed to be a holiday gift for your family.

The mini tree will include the following: A Frozen Christmas present, and a Snow Globe. 

A miniature Santa Claus present. 

Frozen themed teddy bear. 

Santa Claus hat and beard. 

Mini Christmas tree and Santa hat. 

Two gifts from Disney-Pixar: “Inside Out” by Pixar, a “Fancy Fluffy Toy Story” plushie, a Santa Claus hat, and “Toy Story 3” themed earrings.

The “Merry Snow” holiday package is priced to $79.99 for a single snowflake, or $129.99 when purchased as a set.

The Christmas Tree and the Santa Hat will be the centerpiece.

The snowflake package includes a Snowflake Santa Hat, Santa Claus Hat, a Snowball Santa Hat and a Santa Hat.

The Snowflake Package includes a snowflake Santa Tree, a snowflakes Santa Tree and a snowballs Santa Hat that are included in the package.

The package includes all of the above items.