How to save for a $1,000 gas bill this Christmas

When you are ready to put the money toward the holidays, you will need to know how to save.

The best gift baskets and gift cards to buy are available to buy online, and you can use those to save on your gas bill.

Below is a guide to help you determine how much money you can save for gas this year.

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How much gas will you use for a car?

You can expect to use a minimum of 8,000 gallons of gas a year to drive a new car, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

That’s roughly 20 gallons per day.

You can save about $1 a gallon by getting a fuel-efficient car.

The average gas-efficient SUV can be had for about $25,000.

But you will save money if you go for a high-mileage car, such as a Nissan Maxima or Toyota Corolla.

For an even better savings, you can buy a used Nissan Titan for about the same price as a gas-guzzling Toyota Corollas.

You should be able to save $600 or more by buying a used Toyota Highlander, which sells for about a quarter as much as a regular Highlander.

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What is gas tax?

You will pay a federal tax on your regular gas bill that is based on the average price of gas.

The tax is based not only on the price of the gas but also the distance traveled in your route.

This is often the first step in determining how much you should save.

For example, if you travel between cities, you may be able go up to about 30 percent cheaper than a person who travels between the cities in the same route.

So, the more miles you drive, the less you should expect to pay in taxes.

The Tax on Gas Tax If you use the same gas to get from one city to another, your tax bill will be higher.

In order to get the best possible savings, plan ahead to save more miles and plan for gas savings.

If you are considering a vehicle with a low-mileages and a low gas mileage, you should also consider a fuel economy car with a higher mileage.

An average gas economy vehicle with four or more miles per gallon could be about half the cost of a gas guzzler with a lower-mileaging vehicle, said Mark Wiedefeld, president of the Automobile Club of America.

Another advantage to a fuel efficient vehicle is that you can have more fuel in your car, which means less pollution from your tailpipe, Wiedefegld said.

You could also choose a gas that has a higher octane rating, which can lower the amount of gasoline you need to drive each day.

But the good news is that there is an online tool that can help you calculate your gas tax.

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If you plan on saving more than $1 per gallon, you need a gas mileage calculator.

The online tool will help you estimate the cost to buy a vehicle, and it will help calculate the tax you pay each month.

You will have to do a few calculations to get your cost for your vehicle, but you will find that it is in the neighborhood of $4 per gallon.

To save even more money, check with a gas station.

A gas station can help determine if you can take advantage of the discount or if you need more help.

If the gas station says you are allowed to use the discount, you must go in with the gas, not the discount.

For some states, including Arizona and Hawaii, a gas tax credit is also available.

If your gas price is $3.50 per gallon or less, the gas tax will be $0.50 for the first $2 per gallon paid by the day of the next billing cycle.

If, on the other hand, your gas is $4.50 or more, the gasoline tax will not be paid.

If a gas price of $3 or more per gallon is allowed, the tax will generally be less than $3, Wieefeld said, but it could be as high as $10.

You might also want to check with your state’s department of transportation.

If there is a gas subsidy in your state, you might qualify for it.

For instance, if a gas pump is giving you discounts at the pump, that may be enough to offset the tax.

But if you are going to use your gas for your car and then use the gas for other purposes, you’ll have to pay a fee.

Some states also offer incentives for gas purchases.

The state of Utah offers an incentive for gas buyers.

You may be eligible for a rebate of $5 per month.

If an incentive is available, you have to use up to $5 of your savings at the gas pump