Hollywood Awards 2016 Winners: ‘The Big Short’ Premiere on Hulu News, Vines, VOD and Streaming

Movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Kevin Hart are joining the ranks of the Hollywood’s Best Friends.

The Emmy Award-winning film starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Amy Poehler and James Corden is getting a Netflix release on Hulu on June 23, and Netflix on June 30.

In honor of its release, the streaming service is offering the film for free on June 24, while the movie will also be available for a one-time fee of $1.99, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

The film follows the titular characters on their way to a high-profile meeting with their mentor, a former banker, in which they must balance a financial burden with a desire to save money.

The film is also known for starring Leonardo DaVinci, whose original artwork for the movie’s poster was also inspired by the Italian artist.

The awards season is in full swing and Netflix is showing its annual Best Picture nominees, including “Spotlight” and “American Hustle,” which is also the streaming movie’s first Oscar nod.

The Oscar winner is based on a book of the same name, which was written by DiCaprios father, John.

The Oscar-nominated film stars Rogen and Franco, and was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Netflix is also offering a free Netflix Pass for the film’s premiere.