Nike, Nike+ buy gift card bundles,nikes gift baskets

Nike and Nike+ have bought gift cards to help fund Irish charities.

The Irish Times understands that the Irish government will spend up to €300 million over three years to help pay for the programs.

Irish charity charity Aid for Irish Families (AIFF) has paid a total of €2.4m to Nike+ and the Irish Sports Awards in support of Irish athletes.

The AIFF has been involved in an online fundraising campaign that aims to raise €500,000 to buy gift baskets for Irish athletes to give to people in need.

“Our athletes are the best in the world, they have all won Olympic gold medals, they are world-class, but they have to get on with their lives and to support those in need,” Aid for Ireland Families director-general, Stephen Burden, said.

“We’re delighted to have been selected as partners for these programs and look forward to being part of the success of these programmes.”

Nike and Nike+, which will be launched in Ireland in 2019, are the first sports brands to offer gift cards on their shoe platforms.

The shoe companies will also offer Nike+ membership in 2019.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said the gift cards were an example of how Ireland is trying to make its economy work more closely with other countries.

“Ireland is proud to be the first country in the EU to offer a range of gift cards and I believe it is an example that all governments should follow, to ensure that we all benefit from the same common wealth,” he said.

The government is also working to introduce a new credit card system for the purchase of gift baskets.

The gift baskets will be delivered to Irish customers in person at a time when the country’s population is under pressure and they will be able to buy them on a debit card that will be used to pay for everything from school fees to groceries.

The first basket to be introduced will be the new €2,400 basket, which will cost a customer €20 on top of their basic €200 payment.

A €5 basket will be added at the end of 2019 and €10 in 2020.