Why you should get your annual camping gifts early | The CBC

2 years ago 567,800 visitors visited The CBC’s Camping Gifts, which ran from December 25 to January 1.

A total of 1.8 million people visited.

Camping Gifts was originally launched by a Canadian woman who was looking for a way to help her kids out, and decided to give the gift of camping a try.

“My kids were going camping on a couple of weekends and I thought it would be a fun way to spend the weekend,” said Sarah Leppanen, the owner of The Camping Gift Shop.

“I was really looking for something that would be something different and it was a perfect fit.”

Leppanens daughter, Emma, was the one who suggested it to her.

She also thought it was something that could be done for a group of friends.

“It really was something I was looking forward to and it really felt like we were going to get the gift we were looking for,” said Leppenen.

“She said, ‘I think we could really do this.’

And then it just kind of happened.

It was a really simple and wonderful gift.”

Leopanens family has been camping for about a decade and is always on the lookout for new gifts.

It’s always fun to make something for a special person.

She said the first gift they got was a camping mat for a friend of hers.

“We had a big party and I was just getting ready to go camping with my wife and our two kids, and they were in the car and they said, I want to see your camping mat, so we picked up the camping mat and they thought it’d be cool,” Leppannen said.

“And then it became a gift for a girl we had known since she was about 10 years old and we never forgot that gift.”

Camping gift ideas can be a little difficult to get through the mail, but Leppanais team did it.

“One of the things we learned over the years is that people don’t necessarily like the way they received their gifts,” said Amy Littman, who helps run The Campling Gift Shop with her husband, Steve Littmans.

“They are very attached to the gift, and if they don’t feel they have the right to keep it, they might say ‘OK, I don’t want it,'” said Littmann.

“The best way to do that is to talk to your recipient and let them know what they are getting.

They’ll feel better about giving and they’ll give you a good recommendation.”

Littmans advice to the rest of us: Don’t think you can’t find something fun and meaningful.

Ask your gift recipient for ideas, and try to give something to someone they would enjoy doing something with.

“In the end, it’s about creating a memory that you can share with someone who is looking for the same thing,” Littmen said.