What is the most popular Christmas gift basket for nursing moms?

The Sports Bible asked the question and the answer was an obvious one.

Nurses love gift baskets!

Many of us love our own babies and grandparents gifts as well!

But nursing moms love gift bags because it’s easy and inexpensive.

So, what is the top nursing gift basket to give nursing moms this season?

The following nursing gifts for nursing mothers are recommended by our experts, with some added insight from the nurses themselves.

(This list may not be 100% accurate and it might change based on how much nursing time you have left.)1.

A baby blanket gift basket with a matching baby doll from your favorite brand.

A nursing mom who has a child with a different caregiver, for example, can add a baby doll to their nursing gift baskets.

(It will help the mom keep track of their baby and make the gift a little more special.)2.

A baby blanket with a baby bedside book and an appropriate bedside bag.

A mom who does not have a baby with a specific caregiver can use a nursing book or bedside item to make their own nursing gift.3.

A stuffed animal from your neighborhood animal shelter.

A nurse who does nursing may be able to use a stuffed animal to give a nursing gift to a nursing mom with a pet.

(Remember, stuffed animals make great gifts for babies!)4.

A crib gift basket from your local baby store.

A little nursing can be made with this gift basket, especially if you have a family member who would like to help.5.

A personalized nursing box for a nursing mother with a special needs child.

A caregiver may also use a custom nursing box to make a nursing Christmas gift.6.

A cozy nursing pillow with matching pillowcase.

A good nursing gift will look great on the shelf.

The nursing mom can use the pillowcase to keep the nursing doll warm and cozy.7.

A gift for a mom who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of buying gifts for everyone else in the house.

A small nursing gift can be put on a shelf and shared with all the nurses in the nursing house.8.

A soft bedside table, pillowcase and pillow from a local pet store.

The nurse can take care of the nursing toys, like an animal bedside chair or a bedside bed.9.

A pet bedside toy or bed for a caregiver.

A great nursing gift for nursing dads can also be a great gift for dads who are caregivers as well.10.

A handcrafted gift basket of nursing items from your home or community.

A sweet nursing gift might be a personalized nursing basket or a personalized box.

A home made gift can make a great nursing present for nursing parents.11.

A bedside cup and bottle from your chosen local craft store.

It’s always a great idea to add a gift to nursing gift bags this season.

(Keep in mind that nursing gift shopping can be time-consuming and can be expensive!)12.

A cute, handmade nursing doll or dollhouse.

A child’s doll or a dollhouse can make for a wonderful nursing gift, and nursing moms can use it to keep track.13.

A personal nursing gift box from your loved one’s home.

A thoughtful nursing gift could be a gift for someone who needs the help.

A mother who wants to help her son with his nursing issues might also enjoy a gift of a nursing doll.14.

A homemade nursing blanket with matching headboard and flooring from your hometown craft store or craft store, such as a local art or craft shop.15.

A book or bookcase gift that is suitable for a special-needs child.

A nursing mom will also appreciate a nursing cup for their baby, or a nursing pillowcase that can be used to keep a nursing baby cozy.16.

A custom nursing book.

A big nursing gift is a nursing journal.17.

A decorative nursing chair, pillow or pillowcase for nursing mom.18.

A handmade gift for mom who is a caregivers helper.19.

A special gift from a friend or family member.20.

A unique nursing item that is a unique gift.

A family member or friend can give a gift that will be a perfect gift for an all-nursing nursing mom, and a special nursing item is one that is very unique.

(See how to make nursing items for nursing babies, nursing children and nursing parents.)21.

A favorite nursing gift from the local craft or hobby store.

Some nursing moms may love a nursing bag from a craft store and others will be happy to have a custom gift.22.

A new nursing bedside gift for your nursing mom’s next baby shower.

A simple nursing bed side gift will help your nursing mother’s mood at the shower.23.

A beautiful nursing book, bookcase or book that is perfect for a book club.

A handy nursing book and a beautiful bookcase can add to