When to buy a Gift Card for $0.50 and when to buy it for $1.00?

A year ago, my wife and I bought a $20 gift card that would have been worth $4.99 if we’d bought it in December.

The day after Christmas, we paid for it, and when we went to buy something, the gift card was still there, ready to be used.

We’d made a mistake, we thought, and now it was our turn to buy the giftcard back.

But the next day, the card wasn’t there.

We tried calling to see if it had been changed, but no one had answered.

And then, the next morning, we tried buying it online.

We got the same response.

When we went back to check, we saw that the card was in a separate box with the same instructions that we’d gotten on the first day.

It was now the gift that we needed.

When did it become a mistake?