How to make an emotional gift basket for your PlayStation 4 gamer friend

PS4 gamers will soon have the option to give away PS4 gift baskets to friends or family members.

The PlayStation Blog, which first reported the news, also shared a list of PS4 Gift Card codes that can be redeemed.

You can redeem the codes for PS4 games, games for the PS4 Pro, PlayStation 4 Pro games, and more.

These codes can also be redeemed online, via email, or by calling an authorized PlayStation Store agent.

You’ll need to select one of these codes in order to receive the gift basket.

PS4 gifts will be given out in bundles of 10.

To get a copy of a game, make sure to select “I want a copy” when you make the selection.

PS Store agents will also be available to assist in the redemption process.

PSN codes will be redeemable in the same way.

To learn more about the PS 4 Gift Card and PS4 game codes, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

The PS4 and PSN platforms will not be impacted by the PlayStation Store sales, which begin Monday, February 3.