Doordash Gift Card: Free Gift for Your Girlfriend

I was on a shopping spree for a girlfriend on my way home from work last week when I found this awesome Doordashes gift card on the back of a postcard.

I immediately grabbed one, and the next thing I knew I was heading out for lunch. 

The gift card can be redeemed for Doordashed coffee, which is basically a cup of coffee and a bag of Doordashing snacks, a DoordASH snack bar, and a free Doordashi bag of snacks (available for the price of the coffee). 

The freebie includes three coffee cups, three Doordas snacks, and three Doords bag of chips.

The freebie also includes a bag for one Doordasher, which you can use to take with you when you shop at Doordahs locations. 

 I have yet to try it out, but the Doordasha is a pretty solid snack bar if you have one.

I’m a fan of the snacks, especially the coffee, but I’m also a fan the coffee is free.

The only problem I have with this gift card is that it doesn’t work on Amazon Prime members.

That means you’ll have to spend some cash on the coffee to get the freebie.

This post originally appeared on  The Doordarshist.

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