How do you find the best gift for your coworkers?

In the past year, I have had many employees and even clients ask me for a gift for their coworkers.

I have always answered that question as best I can. 

“What can I give them?”, they ask. 

I try to answer that question, but I usually have to give them something. 

In fact, I often give them some gift cards.

I even have some people who ask me to give away a few million gift cards to their employees. 

Gifts for my coworkers are always a wonderful thing to do.

They get to make new friends and be surrounded by people they care about. 

 But, most of all, they get to enjoy some fun stuff. 

Sometimes, I make a new acquaintance or get a new company to introduce.

I always ask for something, and they give me something.

For example, when a colleague was going through her husband’s birth certificate and needed a birth certificate for his child, I made a big fuss about the fact that I was going to give her a gift card to a Walmart. 

As soon as she opened the card, she asked for a picture.

She was so excited. 

She has never stopped talking about it ever since. 

There is something so wonderful about having a few strangers give you a gift. 

This is something I really like doing. 

The next time you are with your coworkers, ask them if they have a gift they want to give.

You can also tell them that you want to ask for a card from Walmart, but don’t know what to ask first. 

After they have given you their card, ask if they would like to buy it or have it mailed to them. 

You can also ask them to bring you a few bucks for something.

I will give you the cash, but you can also pay with a credit card or bank card. 

If you have a company that you like, I think you should do this. 

Most companies will do this for you. 

Giveaways and gift cards are the best way to introduce your employees to a new way of life. 

Don’t forget to give some to your coworkers! 

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