How to shop for your favourite gifts in 2019

Dubliners are heading to the shops in the coming months for their festive shopping and gift guide, with a big list of upcoming events and holidays coming in 2018.

Here are some of the big items on offer.


The annual Dublin Festival of Lights will take place from August 20 to 27.

The event is a great opportunity for everyone to see the sights, dance and sing at the annual festival.

It is a day for everyone from beginners to the advanced to enjoy the unique city-wide event.


The Garda Commissioner is hosting a special event on the first of October.

This will be a huge opportunity for anyone in the gardaí and the public to attend the Commissioner’s special presentation on Garda reform, including a discussion on how the Garda Síochána can support our communities.

This is a must-do event.


The Irish Rugby Union (IRU) will be in Dublin for the first time in nearly 50 years, bringing the sport of Irish rugby to a whole new audience in a historic stadium.

This year’s Rugby World Cup will be played in Dublin.


This Sunday, March 8, the Irish flag will fly at half mast in front of St Patrick’s Cathedral in the centre of Dublin.

This flag is symbolic of Irish pride, the Republic of Ireland and of the people of Ireland.


The first Irish Farmers Market will take over the city centre, starting on the third Sunday of April.

It will run from 3pm to 6pm every Sunday from March 17 to 20.


In a bid to celebrate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the National Archives will be open for a day on Sunday March 17.

This day will be the day when people can mark the centenaries of the Irish Free State and the Easter Rising and the 100th anniversary of the Dáil, as well as the first recorded public demonstration of the Republic in Dublin on that day.


The new Irish parliament will meet on the seventh Sunday of March.

The next meeting will take the form of a special meeting of the National Assembly.


There will be celebrations at the Easter Sunday service at St Mary Magdalene Cathedral.

This historic church is the only one in Ireland that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and she will be commemorated during the service on Sunday.


The last Sunday of the month will be Easter Sunday, with the National Anthem being played at 7pm on the last Sunday.


The National Anthem will be sung at all public schools, including the public schools in Dublin, from the second to the third day of Easter.


The St Patrick Street Festival will be held from April 25 to June 2.

This event will see the city’s iconic street filled with a range of activities and music to get people dancing and singing.


The City of Dublin is hosting the European Music Festival from April 26 to June 3.

There is an amazing range of concerts, concerts, films, dance, opera and more to take place throughout the city and it will be an event that will delight even the most hardened Irish music fans.


A new Irish version of the hit TV show The Voice will be performed in the National Theatre on the opening day of the festival.

This show will also be the last of the original cast members to sing in Dublin in 2019.


The Republic of Estonia celebrates the 100 year anniversary of independence on April 30.

There are a range, from historical and traditional celebrations to local and national celebrations.


The Queen of England is due to fly in for her first visit to Ireland from the US on May 1.

This visit is to mark the 100 years since the Treaty of Utrecht was signed and marks a historic moment for Ireland in the European Union.


There’s going to be an annual Easter Rising at the Church of the Holy Trinity on the fifth Sunday of June.

The ceremony will be hosted by a special guest and will also include a performance by the Irish Choir.

The service will be led by the first female Choir ever to sing at a public event in Ireland. 17.

The Dáileann na nGaeilge will be performing a series of performances, including one of the country’s most iconic songs.


The International Day of the Girl is celebrated on the tenth of July in Ireland, marking the International Women’s Day.


The city’s National Library is hosting its first ever digital event, ‘The World of the City’, which will be attended by more than 50 local authors and illustrators from across the country.


The country’s National Day celebrations are set to take over at the National Library on the second Sunday of July.

This time around, the celebrations will include a celebration of the 50th anniversary and the opening of the library’s new Digital Library, the first in the country to be digitised.


The 2017 National Games are due to take a break for a couple of weeks this summer, with football, cycling and