Which US retailers got the best gift cards?

Apple received a record amount of money in gift cards this year, according to an analysis of the company’s online shopping platform.

Apple’s total sales rose 5.7% to $2.57bn for the year to December 31.

Its average sales per card was $6.63, with $11.15 per card in the US, the US government said on Tuesday.

The company earned $1.6bn in gift card sales last year.

Apple earned more than $100bn in revenue in 2017.

In the US alone, Apple earned $4.2bn in gifts for consumers.

Apple received $1bn in US gift cards in 2016, according the Federal Trade Commission.

“Apple was among the top 50 companies in terms of overall retail gift card volume,” said Jennifer Tinsley, an associate professor of economics at the University of Illinois.

“It also accounted for about half of the value of gift cards sold in the United States.”

Tinsley noted that the value in the gift card market is growing.

“Gift card sales represent a relatively small share of overall gift card revenue and they are growing,” she said.

“While the overall US gift card industry grew by 1.3% in 2016 and is forecast to grow by 1% this year … gift card prices have not grown significantly.”

Gift cards are also becoming a more popular form of payment, and the average price of a gift card has risen in recent years.

The US government estimates that Apple collected more than 11 billion gift cards from customers last year, making it the third-largest seller of gift card transactions in the country.

Gift Card Reports – December 2017By the end of 2017, Apple’s average sales price per gift card was more than four times the price of Visa and MasterCard, according a report by CreditCards.com, which analyzed Apple’s online and retail sales data.

“The growth of gift and gift card payments continues to grow in a way that is expected to continue,” said Amy Smith, senior director of product management at CreditChips.com.

“I expect this growth to continue for the foreseeable future as more retailers continue to add gift cards as an alternative payment option,” she added.

A growing market for gift cards is a big part of the reason why Apple was able to grow so much during the year, Smith added.

“There is a growing demand for gift card products, especially at the retail level,” Smith said.

“As more retailers begin to accept these gift cards and offer them in stores, the demand for them will continue to increase.”

In the last 12 months, Apple had more than 1.2 million transactions with gift cards, up from 1.1 million in the first six months of the year.

That’s more than double the 1.01 million transactions during the same period last year according to CreditCites.com data.

But, unlike many of the other retailers, Apple didn’t increase the price on gift cards.

Instead, it increased the value.

Apple had a value of $1,958 per card.

In 2018, Apple increased the gift and purchase price of the gift cards it issued.

The company raised the value to $1 from $0.