The Christmas Gift Box – Pet Memorial Gifts – 2020

RTE Sport can exclusively reveal that Christmas Gifts 2020 will be a gift box exclusive to Pet Memorial.

It will feature a selection of products from our pet memorial collections.

The box will be available from December 7, 2020.

A pet memorial is a memorialised animal which is not a breed or species.

The animal’s identity can be lost when it is separated from its parents or after death.

Pet memorials are kept as a reminder of a pet’s life, often when their owners or carers need to take a break from work, school or play.

Pet names, names and markings can be altered to match the owner’s wishes.

The boxes are created using traditional materials, including handmade cards, paper, paperweights and a wooden board, but will feature pet names, nicknames and the pet’s personal story, which will be the subject of a special booklet, with a photo of the pet on the front.

The gift boxes will be made in Ireland and the UK, with each box costing €40.

There will also be a selection, including pet names and personal stories from Pet Memorial’s pet history collection.

The Pet Memorials’ gift boxes are now available to buy from the RTE Shop.

The retail price is €40 per box, with an option to buy online for an additional €20.

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