Why can’t you get a ‘real’ wedding gift?

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a wedding gift to talk about, but the wait is finally over.

CBC News was one of the first to report the arrival of the official Canadian Wedding Gifts Guide, which is the latest in a series of new guides for the consumer to choose from.

The new guide is meant to help you find the best gifts for your special day, while also highlighting some of the more obscure, but still beautiful, options.

“This is the first guide we have seen for Canada and, with it, the first for a single country,” said Kristin Fagan, the author of the guide.

“We’re really excited that we can finally share this with everyone.”

The guide includes a complete breakdown of each gift’s price and what’s included.

A wedding gift is any item that can be purchased online, at a store or at a professional-grade retailer.

It can also be purchased in stores and can be used at the reception.

Here are the items in the guide that you may have missed: 1.

Flowers and other gifts for the bride and groom: $2,600