A new Christmas gift: The IKEA Gift Card

A new gift, a new holiday season.

IKEa has a new Christmas card.

You may recognize it from the IKEas recent teaser, which featured an IKEaholic on the front and a Christmas tree on the back.

While the card was posted by a fan, the card itself was posted on the Ikeaholic’s Twitter account.

That tweet has now been removed.

Here’s what the card looks like now:It’s not the first time IKEaa has introduced a new card to the Ikeeaholic.

Earlier this year, the company released a $1.50 holiday gift card to celebrate the release of its first Christmas card since the company began accepting debit cards in 2006.

(The $1 gift card is also the first to have a price.)

 The new card, which is also available to buy, can be purchased through IKEacampers.com and is $15.99.